The Hub Restaurant


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The Hub Restaurant

The Hub Restaurant can seat up to 120 guests.

The Hub Restaurant is ideal for those who wish to mix business with pleasure. It is a place where you can work, eat, relax, and communicate with your colleagues and friends over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. 

  • Work at The Hub: catch up on emails and be connected around the world via free Wi-Fi
  • Food at The Hub: eating at the Hub is simple, fast, tasty and healthy
  • Relax at The Hub: our open space interior is designed to create an easy living area; cushioned sofas and cozy chairs support the Hub unfettered atmosphere
  • Drink at The Hub: the relaxed and friendly bar serves as a perfect venue for the informal gathering offering a wide range of beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks

All day dinning menu is available. Wine list. Cocktails.

HUB bar & restaurant is open 24/7.

Room Service 24/7

Download the menu.

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