Security Instructions and Recommendations


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Security Instructions and Recommendations

 - 22.01.2014
Security Instructions and Recommendations
Dear Guests/Visitors, please take below for your information: Security Instructions and Recommendations for Ramada Encore Guests. Analyzed by Hotel Security Team.

RAMADA ENCORE HOTEL is 16 KM away from protest flash points. 
Ramada Encore Kiev is wish to inform our guest visiting Kiev that the hotel is 16KM away from the area where reported protest happening. 
We are happy to inform that apart from very small area in city, Kiev is operating just as normal and business is usual. 
 We recommend our guest: 
- Avoid the affected areas. 
- Avoid large gatherings and all demonstrations. 
- Stay vigilant at all times when you are in the center of the Kiev 
- Use hotel transport whenever possible. 
- Use reputed taxi companies, if required help to organize your journey’s contact our guest service manager. 
Hotel reception and management team is available 24 hours to assist you. We welcome you to this beautiful city. 

Background information: 
The situation on the ground in central Kiev remained as calm on 21 January, following two consecutive nights of small pocket incidents. However, the recent events has been confined to the area around the Dynamo Stadium (on Mikhail Hrushevskoho Street) and has not spread beyond the mentioned flashpoints.

Key flashpoint locations include: 
- Dynamo Stadium on Mikhail Hrushevskoho Street – 18 KM away from the Ramada Encore Kiev.
- European Square: Anti-government protesters remain present here as well as the security forces. – 16 from Ramada Encore Kiev.
- Independence Square: Anti-government protesters remain present here. Protest tents also remain erected – 16 from Ramada Encore Kiev.
- City Hall on Kreshchatyk Street: The building continues to be occupied by antigovernment protesters – 16 from Ramada Encore Kiev.    

Hotel Security Team

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