Portuguese Frankie became the hotel's Executive Chef


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Portuguese Frankie became the hotel's Executive Chef

 - 10.05.2012
Portuguese Frankie became the hotel's Executive Chef
Frankie Teixeira was appointed as an Executive Chef of the new hotel Ramada Encore Kiev.

Despite his young age (35 years), Frankie has a huge experience in the culinary arena. He began his career 15 years ago as a Commi of five-star Ramada Beach Hotel on the Indian resort Goa.

Later, Frankie worked on a Thomson Group cruise ship company for 7 years, and cruised along the coasts of Europe and Asia plying his trade. After working in the UK he later he moved to Ukraine and continued his career in the restaurant Nirvana (Kozyrna Karta network), where he worked as the Executive Chef for two years, before moving on to InterContinental and Autograph hotels.

Frankie has created his own style. The main principles of which he holds are the accuracy, organization and teamwork. When moving to a new place he never takes with him meals and recipes created before, but always offers original creations based on his experiences.

'A chef – is not a profession, it’s an art!' – Frankie said. – 'The art of creating and seeking out the rare and perfect recipes and dishes that make the commonplace unusual. The ability to surprise and delight guests'.

Mr. Frankie Teixeira promises guests of Ramada Encore Kiev a lot of surprises, not only in the menu, but in an atmosphere of hotel’s restaurants.

Frankie's father is a Portuguese; his mother is a native of India. He has been living in Ukraine for 8 years and married to a Ukrainian, has two children.

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